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Medical Waste Disposal in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee

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Medical Waste Disposal in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee

Medical Waste Disposal in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee. Medical waste disposal is a critical aspect of healthcare facilities and operations, and it is essential to prioritize safe and sustainable waste management. In Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, healthcare facilities can rely on BioWaste LLC for their medical waste management needs. This article will discuss the importance of proper medical waste management and the services that BioWaste LLC offers to healthcare facilities in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee.

Medical Waste Disposal in Thompson's Station, Tennessee

Thompson’s Station, Tennessee:

Thompson’s Station is a town in Williamson County, Tennessee, United States. It is located approximately 25 miles south of Nashville and is home to several healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, and dental offices. Proper medical waste management is crucial for these facilities to ensure the safety of their patients, staff, and the environment.

BioWaste LLC Medical Waste Management Services:

BioWaste LLC offers a range of medical waste management services to healthcare facilities in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, including:

Medical Waste Collection: BioWaste LLC provides a safe and secure medical waste collection service, ensuring that healthcare facilities can safely dispose of their medical waste without harming the environment or endangering public health.

Medical Waste Transportation: BioWaste LLC uses state-of-the-art vehicles to transport medical waste from healthcare facilities to their processing facility, ensuring that the waste is handled safely and securely during transport.

Medical Waste Disposal: BioWaste LLC uses the latest technology to dispose of medical waste, ensuring that all waste is safely and effectively processed and rendered harmless to the environment and public health.

OSHA Compliance Training: BioWaste LLC provides OSHA compliance training to healthcare facilities, ensuring that they are fully compliant with all regulations and guidelines related to medical waste management.

Secure Document Destruction: BioWaste LLC also offers secure document destruction services, ensuring that all confidential medical documents are destroyed securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Proper medical waste management is crucial for the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and the environment. Healthcare facilities in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, can rely on BioWaste LLC for their medical waste management needs, ensuring that all medical waste is disposed of safely and sustainably. With their state-of-the-art technology and commitment to OSHA compliance and environmental protection, BioWaste LLC is an ideal partner for healthcare facilities in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee.

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About Thompson’s Station, TN

Thompson’s Station is located approximately 25 miles south of Nashville, just south of Franklin, and just north of Spring Hill.

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Thompson’s Station, TN Resources

Town Hall
1550 Thompson’s Station Rd
Thompson’s Station, TN 37179
(615) 794-4333

Sheriff’s Office
408 Century Ct
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 790-5560

Fire Department
405 Downs Blvd
Franklin, TN 37064

Chamber of Commerce
4031 Aspen Grove Drive
Franklin, TN 37067

Health Department
1324 West Main Street
Franklin, TN – 37064
(615) 794-1542

Tennessee Pediatrics
4720 Traders Way
Thompson’s Station, TN 37179
(615) 302-1279

Thompson’s Station, TN Interesting Information

The first settlers arrived in what is now Thompson’s Station in the late 18th century. The community was originally known as “White House,” but changed its name to “Littlebury” in 1836. After the arrival of the railroad in 1855, Dr. Elijah Thompson donated land for a town and train station, and the community was renamed for him.

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