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Medical Waste Disposal in Cedar Hill, TN

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Medical Waste Disposal in Cedar Hill, TN

Medical Waste Disposal in Cedar Hill, TN. Cedar Hill, Tennessee, a town where history resonates through its picturesque landscapes and where community values are as steadfast as the surrounding rolling hills, has a trusted partner in BioWaste of Tennessee. As the state’s oldest locally owned medical waste disposal company, BioWaste brings a legacy of excellence and commitment to Cedar Hill, blending seamlessly with the town’s ethos and its dedication to preserving both heritage and health.

Cedar Hill: A Tapestry of Past and Present

Nestled in the northern part of Robertson County, Cedar Hill boasts a rich history and a serene, rural charm. Known for its agricultural heritage and scenic beauty, the town is a small but significant part of Tennessee’s historical and cultural fabric. Landmarks such as the Cedar Hill Railroad Depot and the surrounding farmlands speak volumes of its past, encapsulating the essence of a community that values its history and traditions.

Healthcare in Cedar Hill: A Community Priority

In Cedar Hill, healthcare may not be represented by large hospitals, but the town is home to dedicated clinics and healthcare professionals who serve the local population with commitment and care. These facilities are vital to the town’s well-being, providing essential services that support the health of Cedar Hill’s residents. As these healthcare providers strive to meet the community’s needs, the management of medical waste becomes a critical aspect of their operations, underscoring the necessity for professional and reliable waste disposal services.

Medical Waste Disposal in Cedar Hill, TN

BioWaste of Tennessee: A Legacy of Service in Cedar Hill

BioWaste of Tennessee, with its rich history as the oldest locally owned medical waste disposal company in the state, is perfectly aligned with the values and needs of Cedar Hill. The company’s approach to waste management is rooted in a deep understanding of the community’s unique characteristics and requirements.

Customized Medical Waste Solutions

BioWaste provides tailored medical waste disposal solutions that cater to the specific needs of Cedar Hill’s healthcare facilities, ensuring that waste is managed efficiently, safely, and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Commitment to Environmental Integrity

Respecting Cedar Hill’s agricultural heritage and natural beauty, BioWaste employs eco-friendly disposal methods that minimize environmental impact, supporting the town’s commitment to sustainability and preservation.

Advanced Operational Excellence

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and processes, BioWaste ensures the highest standards of safety and compliance in medical waste disposal, offering Cedar Hill healthcare providers peace of mind and reliability.

Educational and Community Engagement

Beyond just waste disposal, BioWaste is committed to educating and engaging with the Cedar Hill healthcare facilities, offering insights and support to enhance public health, safety, and environmental awareness.


In Cedar Hill, where the past is treasured and the future is embraced with thoughtful stewardship, the partnership with BioWaste of Tennessee represents a shared commitment to community health and environmental responsibility. BioWaste’s longstanding tradition of excellence in medical waste disposal is more than just a service; it is a testament to the company’s dedication to communities like Cedar Hill, ensuring that the town’s healthcare and environmental legacy continues to thrive. With BioWaste, Cedar Hill stands strong in its mission to preserve its heritage while promoting a healthy, sustainable future for all its residents.

Treatment Facility

Biowaste, LLC is Proud to Have an In-house State-Of-The Art Treatment Plant Located at our Tullahoma, Tennessee Headquarters.

Medical Waste Products

Sharps Containers, Biohazard Bags, RCRA/Control Substance Containers, Pharmaceutical Containers and Cleaning Products.

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About Cedar Hill, TN

Cedar Hill, a city situated in Robertson County, Tennessee, is strategically positioned along U.S. Route 41 in the northwestern part of the county. To the southeast of Cedar Hill lies Springfield, while Adams is located to the northwest, highlighting Cedar Hill’s central role in connecting these neighboring communities within the region.

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Cedar Hill, TN Resources

City Hall
290 S Main St
Cedar Hill, TN 37032
(615) 696-4802

Police Department
507 South Brown Street
Springfield, TN. 37172
(615) 384-7971

Fire Department
6330 US-41 Scenic
Cedar Hill, TN 37032
(615) 696-0001

Health Department
800 South Brown St.
Springfield, TN 37172
(615) 384-0208

Chamber of Commerce
405 West Court Square
Springfield, TN 37172
(615) 384-3800

100 Northcrest Dr
Springfield, TN 37172

Cedar Hill, TN Interesting Information

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Cedar Hill, the Cedar Hill Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA), owned by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, presents an enchanting expanse of 200 acres. This natural haven is a mosaic of early- to late-successional hardwood forests, where towering pin oaks and sweetgums cast their stately shadows. Adding to the area’s rustic charm, a few acres of overgrown fields greet visitors near the entrance, offering a glimpse into the untamed beauty that defines the Cedar Hill Swamp WMA.

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