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Pathological Waste

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Pathological Waste

Biowaste LLC is a leading provider of medical waste management services, and the company is proud to announce that they have been approved by the Tennessee Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) to treat and dispose of Pathological Unrecognizable Tissue Samples under a special waste permit. The approval was granted based on the information provided in the certified Special Waste Application, and the DSWM concurred with Biowaste LLC’s determination that the waste can be managed as a special waste at the designated permitted disposal facility.

This approval allows Biowaste LLC to transport 5 tons of Pathological Unrecognizable Tissue Sample Waste annually for safe and proper disposal. The company is committed to ensuring compliance with all regulations and guidelines related to the disposal of healthcare waste, and the approval from the DSWM is a testament to their commitment and expertise in the field.

In order to maintain the validity of this determination, Biowaste LLC must maintain a copy of the Special Waste Application and the approval letter, and the landfill must maintain records documenting the amount of special waste received and the date of receipt. Additionally, Biowaste LLC is required to submit an updated Special Waste Recertification Form, including a hazardous waste determination record, to the Environmental Field Office every third year.

It is important to note that no free liquids can be associated with the disposal of this waste. Biowaste LLC takes their responsibility to the environment and the community seriously, and they will continue to follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure that the disposal of Pathological Unrecognizable Tissue Sample Waste is safe, secure, and compliant.

The approval from the Tennessee Department of Solid Waste Management is a significant achievement for Biowaste LLC, and the company is proud to be a trusted partner in the safe and compliant disposal of Pathological Unrecognizable Tissue Samples. With their commitment to excellence and their expertise in medical waste management, Biowaste LLC is the ideal choice for healthcare providers looking for a reliable and compliant solution for the disposal of their pathological waste.

BioWaste provides pathological waste disposal services to waste generators in Nashville, Chattanooga and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. Give us a call at 615-491-4929 or complete the convenient form on this page. We look forward to serving you.


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