OSHA Compliance

Pharmaceutical Waste Services

A good medical waste and sharp disposal service in Clarksville TN should still dispose of non-hazardous non-RCRA substances. As the words “non-hazardous” may be written in the title, there are state and federal laws and regulations that still apply.

How should non-hazardous drugs be handled, stored and disposed?

BMPs (best management practices) strongly discourage the use of sewers and landfills for non-hazardous drugs. Organization can minimize risks by adopting BMPs. An example of a possible exception would be controlled substances due to difficulty in rendering non-recoverable under DEA regulations. A facility must meet federal and state requirements for managing unused pharmaceuticals, which is another reason why we are a waste and sharp disposal service in Cookeville TN fully capable of handling and destroying non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

We place a lot of effort in making BioWaste a leader in healthcare waste management, and for that reason, we will ensure that your pharmaceutical waste disposal is in compliance within the guidelines of state and federal regulations.

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