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How to Choose a Medical Waste Disposal Company

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How to Choose a Medical Waste Disposal Company

How to Choose a Medical Waste Disposal Company. As a healthcare provider, you generate medical waste during treatments, testing and procedures. Finding a reliable and trustworthy medical waste disposal solution is not always easy. In this blog, we share our tips on how to choose medical waste disposal company.

How to Choose a Medical Waste Disposal Company


You do not want a fly-by-night medical waste provider handling your medical waste. An inexperienced medical waste company with undertrained staff puts your organization, your employees, the public, and the environment at risk. Choose a medical waste disposal provider with long-term experience serving healthcare organizations in your community so you know your hazardous and infectious waste is being handled with the highest level of care and safety.

Range of Solutions

No two organizations have the same medical waste disposal needs. Finding a medical waste disposal provider who meets your unique medical waste disposal requirements can be a challenge. Many medical waste management companies do not offer a range of services or schedules that fit your needs. Look for a medical waste disposal company that offers the following medical waste disposal solutions:

They can offer a flexible, customized service plan tailored to your ongoing medical waste disposal requirements.

Fair Pricing

Partnering with a medical waste disposal company does not mean you must be locked into a restrictive contract with hidden fees. The right medical waste disposal company offers:

As a result, you receive a cost-effective and transparent medical waste disposal solution.

Quality Customer Care

Everyone understands the frustration of dialing an 800 number and being put on hold. Unfortunately, with national medical waste disposal companies this is an all-too-common scenario. By partnering with a family-owned and operated medical waste disposal provider, you can always speak with a qualified staff member who gives you the attention you deserve.


Whether tracking your medical waste or ensuring it is disposed of in a safe manner, technology matters. A medical waste disposal company with advanced technology makes sure your medical waste is transported and treated with standards that exceed local, state, and federal requirements.

It begins with GPS-tracked vehicles that transport your medical waste within a strict chain of custody to their own medical waste treatment facility. At their facility, a state-of-the-art autoclave kills all the bacteria and infectious material within the biohazardous waste before it is disposed of in a landfill.


Medical industry organizations that generate medical waste must comply with the regulations of the following federal agencies:

Scrutiny of medical waste generators is increasing on the state level as well. Partnering with the right medical waste management company keeps your organization in compliance with state and federal regulations so you can avoid significant fines. Make sure your medical waste disposal provider is insured and licensed by the EPA and DOT to handle, transport, store, and dispose of regulated medical waste.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a medical waste disposal company.

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