OSHA Compliance

Compliance Training

BioWaste customers have access to an online compliance portal for all OSHA & HIPPA information. BioWaste is proud to offer the best training tools needed to reduce risk and protect the safety of your employees and your facility from costly fines that comes with not being in compliance with the law.


Safety Data Sheets management.

  • Search through millions of MSDS’s.
  • Print needed MSDS.
  • Categorize and organize your MSDS.
  • Save the selected MSDS.


Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA and DOT training.

  • Complete training for BBP, HIPPA and DOT.
  • Certification of completion
  • Manage training status of employees.

Safety Plans

Complete OSHA required training plans.

  • Emergency Action Plan.
  • Exposure Control Plan.
  • Fire Prevention Program.
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • OSHA Log 300.

Safety Audits

Office or facility to ensure it is in full OSHA compliance.

  • Create and complete full graphical reports with comments, photos and corrective actions.
  • 75 + audits.
  • Assign corrective actions on safety deficiencies.


Ease the transition to the new ICD-10

  • ICD-10 / ICD-9 code search, view and manage.
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion.
  • Store and manage both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.

Federal Regulations

Get detailed answers you need to comply with federal regulations.

  • All 225,000 of current federal regulations.
  • Search, view and print any regulation.
  • Manage and categorize regulations.
  • Including current and archive regulations.

Infectious Control Center

Review current topics on dealing with highly infectious patients and waste.

My Documents

Store your training certificates and other documents to keep all of your OSHA compliance documents in one place. With a password protected mode to safeguard sensitive documents.

Manage Locations

Organize the facilities documents by rooms, stations, floors, or any other identifiable name. Completely customizable by the user.