Online Safety Compliance Portal

BioWaste customers have access to an online compliance portal for all OSHA & HIPAA information. BioWaste is proud to offer the best training and compliance tools needed to reduce risk and protect the safety of your employees and your facility from costly fines that comes with not being in compliance with the law.  Compatible with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently manage and protect your business anywhere, anytime.


Complete your required Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, Hazcom and DoT Training online in less than an hour. This interactive multimedia training includes a certificate of completion.

The BBP Training satisfies the annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens requirement on exposure control principles and practices. The Hazcom Training satisfies OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. The HIPAA Training satisfies the HHS privacy requirement.

  • Easy to follow online training videos
  • Train in less than one hour
  • Instant certification with automatic online storage
  • Complete, easy-to-use administration page
  • Automatic email reminders


Simplify your MSDS/SDS management. Search, view, print, store, and organize your Safety Data Sheets for full OSHA/JCAHO compliance.

The perfect MSDS/SDS online solution for any business. Search, view, print, save, and organize all of your MSDS/SDSs easier and faster.

  • MSDS/SDSs the way you need them organized: by location, department or room
  • Add electronic notes to each MSDS/SDS
  • Millions of MSDS/SDSs
  • Immediate OSHA compliance
  • 24/7 MSDS/SDS access

Online Safety Audits

Identify compliance deficiencies by taking in-depth audits of your facility. Includes applicable OSHA regulations.

Assess and identify health, safety, and fire hazards as they apply to specific OSHA Regulations.

  • Answer questions, add comments, and take photos for each question
  • View corresponding regulations as they apply to each audit question
  • Assign tasks with email reminder to correct deficiencies
  • Over 75 safety audits

Federal Regulations

Stay up to date with the most current regulations. With our advanced search, easily manage and share all of your regulations.

Research, print, and organize the complete Code of Federal Regulations. Understand and share OSHA, EPA, DoT/Hazmat regulations and more.

  • All 203,000 federal regulations
  • Continuously updated
  • Includes current and archive regulations
  • Add electronic notes

Online Safety Plans

Create your OSHA required safety plans in less than one hour with our online plan builder.

  • Hazard Communications
  • Exposure Control
  • Fire Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness


Ease the transition to the new ICD-10. Reduce rejected claims by correctly converting ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. Search and bookmark ICD-10 codes.

Prepare now to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10. Search, print, and bookmark all of your relevant codes.

  • Convert ICD-9 to ICD-10 easily
  • All ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes
  • Reduce billing errors and rejected claims


Safety Data Sheets management.

  • Search through millions of MSDS’s.
  • Print needed MSDS.
  • Categorize and organize your MSDS.
  • Save the selected MSDS.


Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA and DOT training.

  • Complete training for BBP, HIPPA and DOT.
  • Certification of completion
  • Manage the training status of employees.

Since 1985, the online compliance portal has been a trusted resource to thousands of businesses for compliance information, tools, and training. We continuously make improvements to keep you on top of the ever-changing world of compliance. You are invited to experience our Online Safety Compliance Portal, designed to cost-effectively manage multiple compliance requirements easier and faster.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way companies manage their compliance, thus reducing risk, protecting the health and safety of workers, and protecting businesses from the costly fines associated with non-compliance.

BioWaste provides a complete compliance training solution to medical waste and pharmaceutical waste generators in Nashville, Chattanooga and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. Give us a call at 615-491-4929 or complete the convenient form on this page. We look forward to serving you.

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