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Medical waste strewn along Route 197 near Bowie Town Center cleaned up

  Wednesday, October 21st 2015
  By Thoman Roussey and Kevin Lewis, ABC 7 News

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) — 7 On Your Side has been investigating how medical waste that appeared to include dried blood, IVs, and even a diaper wound up on the side of a major road Tuesday.

ABC7 found the medical waste along Route 197(Collington Road) in Bowie after receiving a tip.

It was strewn on the shoulder and grass on the side of the northbound lanes of 197 from the Route 50 East exit to the Route 50 West exit -- roughly a fifth of a mile.

Dimensions Healthcare System tells ABC7 the waste came from the Bowie Health Center, which is less than a mile by car from where the waste was discovered.

Dimensions says the contractor it believes picked up the waste is Republic Services, which was also called to clean the mess up Tuesday.

Russ Knocke, the company's VP of Communications and Public Affairs, told ABC7 Tuesday night that his company was still trying to figure out exactly what happened and whether it is responsible.

Dimensions says Republic Services is the company it uses to pick up non-hazardous waste.

Dimensions says dried blood is considered non-hazardous by the federal government in some cases. It pointed to an OSHA guideline that says bloody items are non-hazardous unless they are "caked with dried blood."

Along with a bag that appeared to have a lot of dried blood in it, a number of bloody gauze strips were spotted by ABC7.

Source: WJLA Washington, D.C.