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Medical waste delivery was seeping, woman says

  10:18 PM MDT Sep 17, 2015
  By Kirsten Swanson

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It's a delivery that should have never gone to Natalie Robert's home.

“You could see blood visible on the outside of the box,” she said.

The 9-pound package was filled with medical waste, something no family wants to see on their doorstep.

“There was blood, liquid on the inside of the bag that had literally been seeping through the box,” Roberts said. “It smelled bad. Like there were flies around it. Flies started circling around it.”

Roberts said her kids touched it before they knew what was inside.

“I was like having a panic attack because what if she put her hand in her mouth or her eye or she had cut on her hand,” she said.

The package was meant to go from a dental clinic in Amarillo, Texas, to Oncore, a medical waste processing company in Dallas. The box was first shipped Aug. 5, more than six weeks ago..

Medical waste delivery was seeping, woman says

UPS tracking records show it resurfaced three days ago, delivered to an Amarillo address, but the receiver refused to sign for it. When that happened, the package was scanned back into the system, according to UPS.

The address that popped up was Robert's home in the North Valley.

“Somebody should have stopped that package from being delivered at my house,” Robert said.

As for the condition of the box, UPS talked to the driver who dropped it off. He said it looked like the packaging was reused. UPS said it's fine to do that, but previous labeling needs to be torn off and the package needs to get where it’s supposed to go.

Source: KOAT