OSHA Compliance


Warning! Retailers’ environmental enforcement initiative in New York

Our retail clients with stores and warehouse facilities in the State of New York are warned that the State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) has announced that it will begin enforcing regulations relating to hazardous waste against big boxes, supermarkets...


RCRA regulation of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals

On March 19, 2015, EPA sent its proposed rule, “Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals,” to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for pre-publication review. This review may take up to 90 days (barring a one-time 30-day extension)...


Medical company employee said he sold prescription drugs for gas money

(WMC) - Two Memphis medical recycling company employees are accused of pilfering pills. Kelvin Threat and James Duffie worked for Stericycle in Memphis, where prescriptions are sent for proper disposal. The two employees were both arrested Friday after police...


Handling Medical Waste in an Era of Emerging Pathogens: Advice from Expert Facilities

It’s usually the small things that are overlooked, emphasizes John Lowe, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)...


Franklin woman finds thousands of pills dumped behind her home

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Franklin woman was horrified after her children discovered thousands of pharmaceutical pills in the creek and grassy area behind her home this weekend. Cindy Bramblett told News 2 she notified Franklin authorities, who responded and cleaned up most of the waste...


Environmental Protection Agency

SUMMARY: Some pharmaceuticals are regulated as hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) when discarded. Healthcare facilities that generate hazardous waste pharmaceuticals as well as associated facilities have reported difficulties complying with the Subtitle C hazardous waste regulations for a number of reasons....